Safety Valve

Safety Valve

We successfully manufacturing Serving and safety valve. With 33 yrs. experience, good terminology, perfect calculation s and design as per engineering, we served to steam, air, gas, and liquid line.

Also our valve manufacturing on world class machine and tools. which gives better performance

Majorly we have aware in Tex. Process industries for selection of valve size /connection and moc.

Proudly we can say safety valve has proved punch line of “swastik” brand is “quality product” and “ensure the safety with precision “.

Size:  ½” to 6”

Pressure range:  0.05 bar to 120 bar

End connection: f/end and s/end

  • Capsule design
  • Pop type high lift with close bonnet and open bonnet
  • We offer inspection as per API / IBR
  • We also offer for class V and VI
  • Available in variety of moc such as carbon steel, stainless steel and duplex steel grades, alloy steel.
  • Our valves moc selection according to media property.
  • Our valve is IBR approved. With form III-C.

Safety Valve Close Bonnet

Safety Valve Open Bonnet

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