Pressure Regulating Valve

Pressure Regulator Valve

We manufacture pressure controlling valves since 33 yrs. Generally, its familiar name is pressure reducing valve and pressure regulator valve,

We are also manufacturing pressure reducing station, pressure DE super heating systems and back pressure regulating skid, for various types of applications.

These valves are self-actuated mechanically automated, also available with instrumentation control device, and customized according to user application and requirement.

We pressure drop ranging from 140 bars to 0.01 bar, these PRs station can supply with high pressure recovery pressure reducing valve and low pressure regulators, and mechanically self-actuating automated.

  1. Pilot and piston operated, double acting construction of valves and self-actuated gives high pressure range capability, high recovery with precise control of pressure and flow, no need for external accessories to control media.
  2. Our company can supply diaphragm operated back pressure regulator for controlling below 1 kg pressure up to 50 mmwc
  3. Instrumentation controlling system with e top which gives highest level of pressure accuracy
  4. Our valve construction is very user friendly, so while preventative maintenance very easy to maintain and service.
  5. We can offer pressure regulating station for types of media, applications and selection.
  • Designing of valves and systems are as per engineering and machining of body valves under strict QAP, gaining highest performance.
  • Available in variety of moc such as per media and pressure


Pilot & Piston Operated

Modulation PRV (IBR)