gate valve(600x460)1-min

A gate valves is a valve that opens by lifting a round or rectangular gate/wedge out…….

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globe valve(600x460)1-min

We Are Serving Different Process Industries With Our Globe Valves Since 33 Years. We Have……

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non return valve(600x460)1-min

We manufacture non returns valves. As the name indicates, this non return valve is used to ensure ……

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ball valve(600x460)1-min
Ball Valve

The Valves Are Designed In Full Bore To Suite The Full Flow & Minimum Pressure Drop Applications….

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control valve(600x460)1-min
Control Valve

We are manufacturing very precision controlling valves, in 2 way /3 way with linear motion and rotary motion….

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Safety Valve

We successfully manufacturing Serving and safety valve. With 33 yrs. experience, good terminology…..

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BACK PRESSURE REGULATOR valve(600x460)1-min
Back Pressure Regulator

We manufacture pressure controlling valves since 33 yrs. Generally, its familiar name is pressure…..

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FILTER STRAINER valve(600x460)1-min
Filter Strainer

Our strainers and filters manufacturing with good area of mesh/ filtration,….

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FLUSH BOTTOM valve(600x460)1-min
Flush Bottom Valve

We manufacture and served flush bottom valve since 33 yrs, we manufacture extraordinary quality …..

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