Control Valve

Control Valve

We are manufacturing very precision controlling valves, in 2way /3way with linear motion and rotary motion. On/off condition and modulation, also actuation of pneumatic cylinder operated, pneumatic diaphragm operated, and motorized operated, for controlling of media Pressure, temp and Flow.

Size: 1”(25 Mm)  To 16”(400 Mm)

Pressure Class: #150 / #300 / #600

Design Standard: API 600, ISO 15761

  1. Die casted extended Finns bonnet, it gives maximum heat dissipation for high temp. line to avoid damages of actuators.
  2. Types of actuators available:-

Pneumatic cylinder ( double acting/ single acting)

Pneumatic diaphragm operated (actuators with single spring/ multiple springs)

Motorized actuators Manual over drive available

  1. Modulation controlling actuators which gives high accuracy ,to perform control value
  2. V skirt guided plug design for more efficient control of flow while modulation control system
  3. 2pcs design ball valve with rotary motion controlling system , which operate at low torque as well high performance in process control systems,
  4. We can offer, types of media, applications and also give selection of control valve.
  • Machining of body in single reference , gaining highest accuracy of body and international standards.
  • Available in variety of moc such as carbon steel, stainless steel and duplex steel grades.
  • Various actuator mounting options available, weather proof and flp along with manual overdrive.
  • Available with IBR form IIIC.

2/3 Way, 300#150#600

Cylinder Actuator

Numetic Operator (Diaphragm Cylinder)

Electric Actuator(All of Operating On Of With Modulation Electrical Control)

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